Final Fantasy XIII-2: Lightning & Amodar DLC now available for Xbox 360 - New screenshots released

Today, Square Enix released the first DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The downloadable content brings Lightning back to the game. Publisher Square Enix also announced some more DLC's, based on characters from the predecessors.

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TronEOL2355d ago

It'd be very, very interesting if they added Cloud Strife, Warrior of Light and such as additional characters if what this says is true.

Then we'd finally be able to see Cloud in all his HD-gameplay Glory.

Army_of_Darkness2355d ago

cause if SE don't make profit out of it, I'm sure they will learn their lesson and actually complete their next game.

Tanir2354d ago

ooooooh stfu and go play COD. lmao complete their game? yet its ok for there to be tons of CODS and gears and halo's and etc?

if a story isn't finished and needs a sequel who cares? ok that was dumb nvm. but seriously, its ok for other series to have sequels but when FF does it, its a big OMG!!!!.

seriously, the game is good so now everyone has to nitpick other things. ff7's story never finished, nor did Kingdom hearts 1, or 2. yet still people complain.

not defending 13-2's ending, but people complain too much when there is other things that deserve more complaining.

if people enjoy ff13-2 then who r u to tell them to not buy the dlc? why should we listen to a hater who buys all the cod rehash packs?

fallingdove2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )


You sound like a rambling 8 year old.

For a company that frequently responds to fan game requests with "We can't work(or start working)on that game because we are involved with so many projects right now." - allocating as many people as they did to a game that nobody cared about or wanted instead of adding headcount to VersusXIII or a Kingdom Hearts 3 is frustrating.

Its not that gamers take issue with Final Fantasy Sequelitis, its that Square-Enix have their priorities in the wrong place.

As far as DLC is concerned, Map packs are one thing, adding monsters and new characters to a single player RPG is entirely different - the monsters and characters should have been included from the start, paying extra to complete the single player experience that I should have expected from the start is rediculous.

PamPoovey2355d ago


Even with the big DLC push this gen, the one game I thought would never have it was FF.

It makes me worry what FF15 will be like DLC wise

Godmars2902355d ago

Nevermind a FF15 - what about vs13?

Regardless of weather it goes multi its sure to have DLC at this point. With the second question of weather such will be cut content.

PamPoovey2355d ago

After how long it's took

It better not have cut content

iamtehpwn2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Really? I always sort of thought DLC for FF would be natural. I don't really mind DLC as long as it has substance and is fairly priced. Like, this costume type stuff as DLC I don't really care for. But if they could bring some serious side stories to the game that can add almost an entirely new game to it like Bethesda does with their DLC, I would quite enjoy it.

The Lightning Episode that's supposed to be coming for XIII-2 is supposed to be very long (which means I'm assuming it's going to be a few hours worth), and said to feature Lightning as a playable character, So I think if Final Fantasy is going to have DLC, it should be something like that, as long as the main storyline isn't in anyway gimped

PamPoovey2355d ago

That Lightning DLC was obviously cut from the game and I bet a lot of the DLC they have planned is. They even said the whole To be Continued thing was nothing since they were adding story DLC.....basicaly people are going to be paying for the ending.

I wouldn't support or even think this is natural because it shouldn't be. FF is a game which has always been packed full of content, but I'm guessing if every one thinks like you then Square could get away with this and never learn there lesson about how to screw over their fans.

iamtehpwn2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Dude, are you serious? Have you even played XIII-2?
There is more *far* more content in XIII-2 than XIII, a game that had absolutely no DLC. XIII-2 is absolutely packed full of content, and if you don't wanna buy any of the DLC, you really don't have to in order to be satisfied with the game.

Godmars2902354d ago

Its not such much the addition of Lightening but more that the "true" ending of XIII-2 if not XIII may have to be bought. I can't see how such isn't being seen as insulting by the fan community as a whole.

iamtehpwn2354d ago


I'm around 93-94% sure that it isn't offending the community because it isn't offensive.

Godmars2902354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I said the community as a whole. That's including the part that's already written off XIII-2 as both a cash-in and something which shows Square didn't put 100% effort into XIII.

Again, we're not just talking about XIII-2's full resolution, but XIII's as well. About having to buy the two games, commit $120 to get what should have been an enclosed story for the first $60, then pay more to get a full conclusion. As a long time JRPG fan that's very insulting to me.

Say what you will about FFX & X-2 when trying to defend the mess that is XIII, but FFX had a full ending. It was bitter-sweet, left an opening for X-2 which had a light-hearted shift from the prior game, but X ended.

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TheDivine2354d ago

Idk dlc is different depending on the circumstances. I dont mind the ff13-2 dlc so far beause its a boss battle or character skins basically. Arkham City had a bijillion batman skins and people didnt complain, Uncharted 3 had a million character skins in mp, ff13-2 does it and its now wrong? If it was stuff like the catwoman campaign cut out for the online pass than its a no-no, skins and collossium fights are fine i dont want them anyways. The game is massive anyways im happy with it as a full priced purchase on my part.

Pintheshadows2354d ago

A week after launching your game DLC appears. Poor show Square. Poor show.

I miss expansion packs. Remember those. They were actually worth money.