Alan Wake: American Nightmare or John Stamos: Full House?

GameZone writes, "Microsoft Studios and Remedy have molded Alan Wake in Alan Wake: American Nightmare to look nearly identical to John Stamos – have mercy!"

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Genghis2355d ago

glad to see n4g still being shitstorm of non-news articles

SovereignSnaKe2355d ago

I agree, this is such a non-issue, I'm not ashamed to admit I loved Full House when i was a kid! :)

lifesanrpg2354d ago

glad to see you are looking in the "opinion piece" category for news.

Genghis2354d ago

whoopie..n4g FRONT PAGE fills up with shit that talks about how someone thinks alan wake looks like uncle jesse?

people who approve/submit/write this trash should die

Riggans422354d ago

So gaming articles can't ever be fun, light-hearted, and not news oriented? Don't ever visit Kotaku then. It's labeled opinion piece. Get off your high horse and don't comment because you just come off as a troll.

Riggans422354d ago

And you're gonna say someone should die because they tried to write a fun article? You are exactly what's wrong with the gaming community. Stop taking games so seriously. If you don't like it then don't read it.

So what if it shows up on the first page? Scroll down one more article and you won't see it anymore.

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