HQ4Games: Interview with Machinima Director Trix

HQ4Games says: "For those of you who do not live under a rock and know what Machinima is, this article is for you. One of the up and coming Machinima Respawn Directors, Trix, has been kind enough to grant me an interview with him to pick his brains a bit on what exactly he does and how he got there. Trix is known for his Call of Duty Black Ops Tomahawk Trix, Skyrim glitches and game play, Starhawk video’s, and more. He may only be a new face to you at this moment, but be sure to remember it as he is sure to be one of the most well known Directors of his time. Finally, let us get to the interview before Trix becomes impatient." For interview read full article on the site.

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