Jaffe explains Eat Sleep Play departure: “Games are getting too big to develop 300 miles away”

TVGB: Following reports today that Eat, Sleep, Play co-creator David Jaffe was leaving the developer, the man himself has issued a statement on Twitter.

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Lior2232d ago

mah goldberg the god of war 3 director is better

piroh2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

did you mean Stig Asmussen? every GOW director is a pure talent

SSKILLZ2232d ago

Nothing but respect for Stig Asmussen

KUV19772232d ago

I think that God of War III was the weekest of all God of War Games. Yes, even the PSP-versions. OK, maybe it is a little better than Chains of Olympus, but they totally lost track of a good story arc and character in God of War III. Sure, the graphics were amazing, and they kicked brutality through the roof, but storywise? And also who thought that after 4 Games it was a great idea to lock the magic to the weapon and also why do we have 3 times the same weapon just with a different paint job.

So as far as i am concerned the director of the third part was the worst so far. Both Jaffe and Barlow and whoever was responsible at ReadyAtDawn did a better job.

stevenhiggster2232d ago

I have to agree. I am a massive fan of the GOW series and don't get me wrong GOW3 is still amazing, but it is by far story wise the worst of the 5 games.
Absolutely the best looking game on any platform imho though.

mafiahajeri2232d ago

gow 3 was the best in the series. The best ps3 exclusive IMO.

mynameisEvil2232d ago

"Absolutely the best looking game on any platform"

0_0 Really? This game is the best looking out of all of the games released on 360, PS3, AND PC? Not really. It looks great, no doubt about it, but "ABSOLUTELY THE BEST"?

Nah. Prettier games have come out since 2010, man.

Tarantino_Life2232d ago

GOW3 bossfights > any other GOW boss fight period!! GOW3 opening > any other GOW opening period!! GOW 3 is freaking amazing period!

shoddy2232d ago

GOW 3 is god of games!!!

the epic boss fight that is.

stevenhiggster2232d ago


Any examples? cause I can't think of any. Only 2 that even come close are Crysis 2 and BF3 and only their PC versions, and maybe Uncharted 3.

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wenaldy2232d ago

Goldberg? The hell are you talking about?

David Jaffe, Cory Barlog and Stig Asmussen have their unique directing approach respectively.

CaitSith2232d ago

Don't know how I know this, but Goldberg is a WWE wrestler that looks similar to Stig Asmussen in appearance.

salinidus2232d ago

at least he finished twisted metal so we can enjoy his hopefully master piece.

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Half-Mafia2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Why dont you get your arse out the house and develop games with a team, instead of over Skype.

-MD-2232d ago

He is, he's forming a new studio to do just that. Try and keep up.

Ron_Danger2232d ago

Something tells me the mafia was involved with that disagree... Or at least half of it...

redDevil872232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Reading is hard for you, huh? Look at the other articles and you'll see he's making a new studio.

Half-Mafia2232d ago

Thats what Eat Sleep Play was meant to be. He wanted to make smaller games. But cause he was the boss, he thought he could just work at home.

spenn20102232d ago

I played the twisted metal demo and now i have a full understanding why he's leaving. If the Demo is any indication of the quality of the full product then i can understand the layoffs and selling out for ipad and smart phone bullshit games.

I think Jeff put a lot of pressure on himself due to how out spoken he is and desire for attention on the internet. The PS2 days are over his blog ranting has finally collided with ego and ability to make next gen games. I assume his company waved the white flag regarding making hardcore next gen games and sold out for smart phones and tablets.

If you talk shit about this and that on the net to your peers and consumers, when its time to put up you better deliver lol.

Ron_Danger2232d ago

I totally fell back into my old Twisted Metal: Black playing style after a few rounds. The demo was awesome. It did take a few rounds to get used to it though cause there aren't really any other games out there right now like it. It's not like some of the other online games where anyone can jump on and dominate, which is why some people won't like it (and yes, that was a shot at CoD). This game takes skill, not luck

hellvaguy2232d ago

The online pass portion, not so much.

Jamzluminati2232d ago

Wtf Spen? LMFAO are you delusional?

Anyway, does he or sony own the twisted metal rights?

Soldierone2232d ago

If your question is still un answered, Sony owns the rights. They allowed Eat sleep play to make the title, but still own all rights. If Twisted metal does well they will simply give another studio it to make a second.

cjflora2232d ago

The demo was good, but it felt like the old TM games with better graphic textures. I'm not looking for a revamp of gameplay or anything, but with the technology available for games these days they could have done more. I feel like the maps could be bigger, or something different could be done with the maps. Maybe some destruction of the vehicle? IDK, just feels like with the power the consoles have now that this should have been a $20 or $30 PSN title or something.

Ron_Danger2232d ago

Sony should just give him an office at Sony Santa Monica with no official title and let him work on games like JP in Grandma's Boy... Just let the man make be his own boss and we end up with awesome games... He already said a few months back that he wants to make a game that combines God of War and Metriod (even though Darksiders already exists)

360GamerFG2232d ago

I have a question, do 2nd party studios get paid upfront or do they get paid according to sales performance of their game?

suicidalblues2232d ago

Depends on if it's a contract job or not.

I.e. ORC is a contract job, most aren't.

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