David Jaffe Looking To Create His Own Studio

After apparently getting laid off, David Jaffe took to twitter to explain his latest moves, which includes creating his own game studio in San Diego.
*Update* He wasn't laid off

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Majin-vegeta2264d ago

Lol David making casual games is a fake here's the article hence the update section.

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redDevil872264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Good news that he's starting his own studio, like most developers he thrives with as much freedom as possible. I wish him all the best for the future.

Oh, and f*** iOS games!

SwampCroc2264d ago

David Jaffe did not get laid off.

He is the Co-Creator of Eat Sleep Play... he can't be laid off.

read his twitter account.. he has been very vocal and the day just started..

he is staying with ESP until Twisted Metal has launched and they iron out some of the first week issues... that being said he has announced he will start a company in the San Diego based area..

because he misses working with the development teams on a daily basis... he has not mentioned about working on any titles or systems... this is all he has said about the subject...

so no he is not laid off. he is leaving the company after Twisted Metal and he is starting his own company... and he has no idea what type of game or what system it will be on.

fluffydelusions2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

More importantly he is co-owner. Co-founders/creators can be fired...see Steve Jobs as a popular example.

SwampCroc2264d ago

yeah.. either way.. the man isn't laid off or fired.

he is leaving on his terms..

Vega752264d ago

i sorry to hear Jaffe is leaving. I'm not a sony supporter but i am a longtime fan of the twisted metal series. I would have love to buy this last twisted metal that he is appart of. but i just can't support online passes. so sadly i would be buying this game. best of luck to jaffe's on his next project.

arnyftw2264d ago

Too bad devs dont care if you support online passes or not, they're still going to be there. Just get ready for next gen when all games with multiplayer will have online passes. EA's already done it, Sony has done it, Activision will probably do it too.

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