Games To Satiate Your Hunger For Diablo 3 [eGamer]

The wait for Diablo 3 is long and eGamer have made a list of 5 great action RPG games to compete with Diablo 3 for the crown. Timothy writes details on each and makes sure to include some gameplay footage to get that nerd part of the brain excited.

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knee_dragger2263d ago

Yes, satiate our hunger with a list of similar games that are also in development and also without release dates. That makes us feel much better now, thank you for your rewarding article.

gr33nFIEND2263d ago

And being negative and sarcastic is supposed to be a step up from that?

h311rais3r2263d ago

I am no longer excited for diablo 3. Got in the beta and it's...I don't know. It just doesn't feel right.

gr33nFIEND2263d ago

Then this list is good for you, check out the other games on it, they all seem to have potential. I know Path of Exile is already or will have open beta soon, maybe give that a whirl

NeoTribe2261d ago

I've been on the beta list forawhile. No luck getting to play it.