OXM UK: The Darkness 2 Review

"Jackie Estacado is finally back, and the wait has been worth it. We'll admit to a sense of quiet relief. While Starbreeze made the first game great, we weren't sure that Digital Extremes was up to the job. But despite rewriting much of the first game's formula, The Darkness II serves up what really matters - dollops of gore and a pitch-black story."

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Ilovetheps42207d ago

I never played the first one, but so far it's gotten fair reviews. I don't have the time to play it right now, but when the price drops I will most likely buy it. Hopefully it's a decent game like most reviews are saying.

Rampaged Death2207d ago

Go play the first before this. You'll understand it better and it's an amazing game.

ninjaman9992207d ago

While it lacks the story and emotional depth of the first game, it makes up with amazing gunplay and the whole quad wielding shootemup style makes for a SICK shooter. Kind of how Bioshock 1 was deeper then 2 but 2 had huge gameplay improvements! They are both amazing tho and in this case, both Darkness games are very good :3

ThirstyforFanta2207d ago

I gave up on the first one halfway through it..
It got so complicated with those quests and train and stuff that made me just leave it..
The second one is amazing though! It's more linear, better graphics, and AMAZING gameplay.

Rampaged Death2207d ago

I liked the freedom of the last one.

ninjaman9992206d ago

The freedom was nice indeed but I I have to admit, I did get lost one or twice while using the metro haha ^_________^