Medal of Honor 2: Ideas to make sequel better

Product-Reviews writes: Medal of Honor was given a mixed reception by gamers, although criticisms were made at the rather short duration of the single-player campaign. Having said that, the content within was very good, so fans will be hopefully that a sequel contains a much more deeper campaign, while DICE will probably just build on the successes of Battlefield 3 to make multiplayer as exciting as BF3.

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tr00p3r2234d ago

As long as it's got Frostbite 2 running the show, I think it's fair to say that it's gonna be pretty awesome....Interested in getting this for sure.

iamnsuperman2234d ago

I hope they do not go in the direction of BF3. I found the story quite refreshing. They just need to have technical improvements (was some issues in MoH) and improve the voice acting and characters. Multiplayer was ok but I hope the focus is more on single player

RedDead2234d ago

Don't DICE help in making this? Why have BF and MoH if that's the case?

one2thr2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

*Make the campaign longer
*Have Single player co-op(the story and game mode plays exactly the same, but the second or + players, have no relevancy to the story their just there to help, seeing that in most cases the A.I. becomes more difficult)
*Keep the "Kill Chain" concept, I actually liked it better than a kill streak, seeing that it gives you the option to either help yourself or help your team
*Be cool if they can push the same, if not better visuals but with the FrostBite 2 engine, it'll be realism at its best
*Dont claim it to be a COD killer, reason being is that "Why would anybody want to compare their work of art to a piece of sh!t?...
*And more open stages last game barely had two
*and more guns, on top of the guns that are being thought of.... And attachments
*Need weather, snow, heat, rain, fog, etc...
*Vehicles, last one only had a tank, but in the single player mode there was an ATV...
*Bullet drop, and wind influence for snipers and what not(not really needed but cool concept
*More guns
*Flash bangs, incinedary, pellets, etc ( need variety) and being able to "Cook" a grenades
*Another ultra bad ass "Your/We're not getting out of this alive scene" I thing "BLACK" was the first game to do it (single player) with the sad/dramatic music playing like how the last one did, with the "PLR" rushing down the hill... But instead in a different situation and location... I personally like those types of scenes...
*Keep the Cruise Missile, along with its particle affects
*Smarter A.I., and none of that "Endless Spawn" crap that other games do...
*Decapitation/Dismemebering only to LIVE soldiers that are running around, I think some people would find it disrespectful for someone to be able to disrespect the virtual dead representation of their nations soldiers (not needed, but would be cool)
*Some Johnny Cash... Play the stage "Rock and a Hard Place" on Batlefield 3 while listening to "Gods Gonna Cut You Down" or "Hurt" by Johnny Cash, you'll see what I'm talking about lol
*Special unlocks for old and complete previous MOH
*A living environment
*The Barret .50 cal should be a "one shot kill" if it hits an enemy anywhere... The damn thing can be used to take down boats and sh!t... fyi-Im no sniper, would play recon but not my thing
*For the hell of it, put a paint ball mode in it
*A virtually space, that acts as a shooting range
/////Well thats all I can think of right now, some of this stuff is bit of a stretch but it'll be cool to have some of this features\\\\\

chanmasta2234d ago

The two Cash songs you picked out are actually my two favorite songs by him, which is quite weird :P

Lex_Dangerously 2234d ago

May I add pre game lobbies to the list? I agree with your post so I'm not gonna type something that would look very simular.

Shadowgate2234d ago

they need co op story and more work on the no respawn mode to stay away from bf..... MOH controls so much better then bf online