Malicious: Gorgeous PS3-Exclusive Hits PSN This Week

NowGamer: Japanese action game Malicious hits European PlayStation Network tomorrow.

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Yi-Long2236d ago

... but will it have an option for the original language!?

andron6662236d ago

Looks very interesting for a SEN game.

And one of the comments says it's in the original language. It's a mock up language that sounds japanese but isn't. So subtitles it is I guess...

Yi-Long2236d ago

... hopefully it will be good and worth picking up. :)

Cajun Chicken2236d ago

Oh yes! This has been on my radar for a while!

skyward2236d ago

Shades of Gravity Rush - and that's fine by me. Looks lovely - and it costs less than £7. That's what I want from a short-burst game.

rdgneoz32236d ago

Hope it comes to the US soon. Loved the videos I saw of it a while ago, and can't wait to get my hands on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.