Jon Sitzman Reviews Mass Effect

The Bitbag writes, "2007 has already seen one game which, more than any before it, truly defined the power of an interactive narrative: BioShock. The storytelling and world-building 2K accomplished within the context of a first-person shooter is astounding. How much more potent a canvas for such expression would a well-developed action role-playing game be? This brings us to Mass Effect and BioWare's answer to that question."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

It's just like KOTOR but without lightsabers or light VS dark side. They just talk and talk and talk just like KOTOR.

It's pretty much KOTOR again, so It's a good game.

joemomma3811d ago

Its about as boring as star trek is.

toughNAME3811d ago

First Zhuk?!

Wheres my sony fanboy copy cat!?

gogators3811d ago

I really hope it does well and we all get to see Mass Effect 2 and 3. I hope they can improve the dialog wheel and actually make the choices mean something, though.

pshizle3811d ago

yes thats how good it is!!! one of the best games i have played of all time!!!