Kinect Star Wars arrive on April

Microsoft confirms that Kinect Star Wars will arrive on April 3 in Europe.

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DaThreats2170d ago

Not Really -_-

KwietStorm2170d ago

I wonder how good or how much of a joke this game will, as we've seen about nothing of it, and its a couple months from release.

hellzsupernova2170d ago

i cannot help but agree with you, all we have seen was a horrible on rails demo several E3s ago

AllroundGamer2170d ago

well they don't want to scare more people away as they already have...

DigitalRaptor2170d ago

I think this game is going to sell really well.

Not cause of it's quality of course but:

1) Star Wars is a popular franchise
2) Kinect = mainstream
3) Xbox 360 Special Edition bundle, which lots of people want regardless!

MS are gonna sell a lot of 360s in April!

2170d ago