Hey, Have You Seen My Left Arm? – NeverDead Review []

W75's Blair Hicks goes to pieces over Konami's latest undead adventure!

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Trenta272327d ago

Pretty sure your score is wrong. No way was this game that good.

rezzah2327d ago

Technical issues and others (repetition and gameplay), may not always be a problem for everyone.

in fact depiste seeing them clearly a person might enjoy the overall experience.

Experience received is something people cannot portray in words, rather it must be noticed by the individual.

What I mean is their experience (fun) with the game can overcome any possible issues. Cult games can be seen this way as a select few enjoy what others cannot/do not see/feel.

GuruStarr782327d ago

Yeah, sounds fishy. This game is sitting at a around 58 on metacritic.

wanderson752327d ago

Based on some of the lower scoring reviews that I read (I usually read through them after post for comparison), many of the reviewers slayed it on repetitive gameplay. Ironically, you can apply the same logic to CoD and they'll still give it a better score based on pure popularity. This is why we base our scores on objective gripes. Repetition aside, there were no gameplay issues (e.g. - clunky controls) experienced by the reviewer (nor myself when I got hands on with it last year), and nothing that broke the game. No fishy score, pure objective reviewing.

BlairHicks2327d ago

I stand by my score. Aside from being repetitive, the game is actually quite enjoyable. I won't try to argue other people's reviews because each person views a game differently. I'm not about to lower my thoughts on a single game because "metacritic", or any one else for that matter, says so. I personally had a lot of fun and a few good laughs with NeverDead. It's a very solid game, and a very unique concept.

BootHammer2325d ago

I agree Blair, NeverDead has really took a beating in reviews yet I found it to be refreshing and unique. Yes, there is enemy respawning and repetitive parts but this is hardly a deal breaker IMO. Honestly most games do in fact feature some of these nuances and I have to give Konami props for starting a new IP with such a cool twist. I'm looking forward to the DLC ;) Nice work sticking to your guns and not going by the almighty Metacritic standard.