Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC available now, screenshots

Square Enix has announced that players can download the first Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC - check out the screenshots.

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fluffydelusions2263d ago

Is this just for additional characters? I've already beaten the game but to avoid spoiling for anyone else I'll just wait for some story mode DLC.

nightcrawler2263d ago

Iam still waiting for my copy :((

-Gespenst-2263d ago

I literally just started playing the game. goddamn.

no_more_heroes2263d ago

Three pieces of advice:

1. Make like a stripper and grind
2. Explore every pixel of every map
3. Revisit maps, especially after you learn new abilities

rextraordinaire2263d ago

It doesn't show in my downloadable content from the main menu...

xXxSeTTriPxXx2263d ago

it's not up on psn or sen ( or whatever they're calling it these days /s)