Final Fantasy XIII-2: Cloud storage syncing fix

While some gamers tend to save their saved games to their hard drive, ITF Gaming tends to save to the Xbox Live cloud storage system. This is due to a constant rotation from one Xbox 360 to the other, in order to review titles.

When logging into Xbox Live today, at 14:03PM CAT, we noticed that our internet connection was steady, and all seemed to be up and running perfectly on Xbox Live. We could access the Xbox Live Marketplace without hassle; however, when inserting Final Fantasy XIII-2 we were disconnected from Xbox Live and unable to sync our Final Fantasy XIII-2 saved game files.

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Vortex3D2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I already seen several X360 Cloud Storage bugs when using multiple consoles and multiple Gamertag accounts.

It's quite easy for the Cloud storage to get stuck not syncing. The worst part is on the same Gamertag on multiple consoles, the Cloud available space become inconsistent because Cloud by default doesn't sync the online game save with the local copy hidden in 514MB cache file. So, depending which game saves I manually tell to sync down to the local hard drive, U will ended up with each console reporting different Cloud free space. Isn't the idea of online/Cloud storage is every console login to the same account will see the same group of files and same available storage. Not so with X360 Cloud Storage.

If you have multiple Gamertag accounts using Cloud, every account has to share the 514MB cache file. Once each account starts to fill up Cloud's 512MB capacity, the available Cloud free space quick, you wouldn't be able to copy new game saves to Cloud Storage even it says there are tens of gigs free.

If you have game save in sync between Cloud and local hard drive, go to a different console, ensure the Cloud and local drive are also in sync with the game save. Now on the 1st console, move the game save from Cloud to another storage. Go back to the 2nd console and it will automatically copy the game saves back to the Cloud again because X360 Cloud Storage does not keep track of the last Cloud activity (poor design). Now, go back to 1st console and sometimes the game saves will permanently get stuck in "Pending Upload" because it doesn't know what to do if the local copy is missing.

I have found quite few problems with X360 Cloud Storage if you have multiple accounts and consoles all filling up the Cloud Storage capacity to above 50%. It doesn't work very well.