PSM3 Reviews: Rock Band, Uncharted, The Orange Box and more

The latest reviews from, UK Playstation mag, PSM3.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3748d ago

That's why PS3 is a limp d*ck console.

the worst3748d ago

Uncharted Drake's Fortune
looks better than every lagxbo360 game

futbol83748d ago

i wonder wat 360 has for 2008????
ps3 has killzone2, mgs4, god of war3, gran turismo5, final fantasy, HOME, lbp. (incharted deserves higher then .89 - earn money by doing free surveys
november earnings 250 dollars

the worst3748d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

The Orange Box 90%
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 89%
this magazine suck ass
i was just about 2
pay for this magazine for the year
no no no ill save my cash
(reply) i sold mine after 2day
on craigslist back 2 UT3
and it was a gift

SWORDF1SH3748d ago

Ok il try and tell you why they gave it a higher score. The Orange box contains 5 real good games. Uncharted is a good game but with little replay value. thats how it gets 1% more


Orange Box better than Uncharted? Logan's Shadow only 77%? Riiiiiiight...

MK_Red3748d ago

WTF? The terrible PS3 port of Orange Box scored higher than Uncharted? Seriously, there is something PSM3.

SWORDF1SH3748d ago

i dont think its a terrible port. the review does mention theres slowdown and it will probably score less across the board than the 360 version but its still a quality game.

MK_Red3748d ago

But a PS3 mag giving lower score to Uncharted than a flawed port of Orange Box?

SWORDF1SH3748d ago

i couldn't tell you coz i haven't played any of the games. im jus going by their word. i think there right. i usually can swear by the reviews.

tatotiburon3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

jajaja maybe they were playing the xbox 360 version of the orange box for a better view of the game because i'm with you guys, the PS3 version sucks big time like the other multi games for the PS3, no way it got a better review than Uncharted wich its the best PS3 game so far.

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