Lollipop Chainsaw Premium Edition Features D and Z-rated Versions in Japan

The Japanese release of Lollipop Chainsaw is set to be censored… unless you purchase the “Premium Edition”. Those who purchase the “Premium Edition” of the game will be able to switch from a “D-rated” version to a “Z-rated” version.

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Venox20082352d ago

I hope that Europe version won't be censored

gamingdroid2351d ago

Kind of glad I'm in the US... get the uncensored violence and sexuality version!

LoaMcLoa2351d ago

No More Heroes 2 wasn't. But you never know these days..

Just look at Twisted Metal

andron6662351d ago

I still don't get the deal with Twisted Metal in Europe though. It's rated PEGI 18 and BBFC 18, so why cut anything, most other games haven't had to do this...

Dan502351d ago

Sony had them censor Twisted Metal NOT PEGI or the BBFC Andron666