The Game Jar - The Science of Skyrim

‘The Science of Skyrim’ may strike you as an oxymoron, and you may therefore find it very oxymoronic of me to try to argue otherwise. Between it’s magic and mages, demons and dragons, potions, poisons and racist lizard men, finding science may seem as likely as finding an adult female in the Pope’s bed.

Bethesda have not crafted this world with intent to keep science at the core; it is a fantasy epic, not a sci-fi game. But as I played Skyrim, there were some delicate touches that are based on real-world science, which added to my feeling of immersion into what’s clearly another world. I’m not saying everything in Skyrim is scientifically accurate; far from it. But I will talk about three things in the game that did cause a bulge in my scientific pants.

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