Super Mario Bros speed run world record broken

Nintendo fan Andrew Gardikis has completed it in 4 minutes 58 seconds, creating a new Super Mario Bros speed run record.

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Snookies122323d ago

Hahaha, dude you took the exact words right out of my mouth!

DoomeDx2323d ago

Some people call it ''No life'', i call it ''A hobby''

Its not something i would do though. Damn 4:58 sure as hell is an accoplishment

princejb1342323d ago

when i was 5 i couldnt get passed the 3rd stage
im 20 now and i still cant beat this game

h311rais3r2323d ago

Says the guy commenting about it on a gaming website....

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FalconR2892323d ago

That's crazy I can barely beat super Mario bros in under 9 minutes. It's that stupid world 8 that always screws me up when I'm doing a speed run.