G4TV: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning review: A tempting fate

G4TV: Reckoning is built on a great concept that highlights the dynamic nature of game narratives, but unfortunately, it is a victim of its own ambition and fails to capitalize on many of its own big ideas.

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rezzah2300d ago

So immature, I could understand if it was somewhat comedic.

However you just laughing because a review/opinion gave it a bad score.

Thing is, it is always good to get both sides of a story. Meaning in this case it is good to see negative reviews, as only pointing out the good points hide the possible negatives.

Even so you can't expect everyone to feel the same with "good games".

Knight_Cid2300d ago

people need to take the good reviews with the bad and make there own determination

rezzah2300d ago


In a barrage of negative reviews there are those who enjoy a game for its experience (Never Dead).

So far in this case, KAR, seem to be having more positive opinions than negative.

Really it is all about perception. Also if the majority agrees, it does not make it true to you.

Knight_Cid2300d ago

this is why I have a big problem with comparing games by aggregate scores like metacritic

1) Not all sites review the same games

2) The same reviewers dont review the same games

3) They dont put an equal amount of time in

4) There personal tastes cloud judgement

EX. Right now ff 13 has a 84 average. This game has an 82, ff 13-2 has a around an 80.

Does that mean ff 13 is 2 percentage points better than koA and 4 than 13-2? what does it even mean?

Silly Mammo2300d ago

I was excited about this game, but wasn't as enthused after playing the demo. I'll probably wait for the price to drop down on this one.

LightofDarkness2300d ago

I'm in the same boat, this game feels "cheap" and kind of weightless/floaty. I didn't find any aspect of it particularly satisfying, and I truly hate invisible walls/ledges. We'll see.

Pintheshadows2300d ago

Another website criticising KoA for things that were ignored in Skyrim.

da_2pacalypse2300d ago

so what? Skyrim did so many things right that it's fine to overlook them.

Pintheshadows2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )


@beaarthur. I liked Skyrim as well. Played well over 300 hours, but it has issues that were widely ignored. Is it one rule for Skyrim, another for everything else.

I've noticed that quite a few negative reviews for KoA are rather inconsistent and contradictory. One minute praising the colourful, vibrant environments and the next calling them bland and lacking diversity.

I haven't really read a single poor review yet that has given a solid reason as to what's wrong with KoA as all the negatives can be pointed toward Skyrim and that was a great game.

BeaArthur2300d ago

I agree 100%. I'm don't want to knock Skyrim because I did enjoy the 70 hours I spent with it but once the newness wore off of that game it was buggy, had underwhelming combat, a so-so story and really forgettable and bland characters. KoA seems to be taking a lot of criticism for things that I would say were also facets of Skyrim. I'm not saying they aren't warranted (I don't know because I haven't played KoA) but if it's an issue in 1 game it needs to be an issue in another.

Nakiro2300d ago

Skyrim was a victim of the hype train.
It had far too many issues yet everyone just ignored those.

FCOLitsjustagame2300d ago

Skyrim really is a different type of game. Sure its a fantasy RPG but its a big open world where you can wander around all you want and pick up whatever you want, hell play an NPC if you want (boring but you can do it).

Reckoning is more of the story driven RPG. There is not the vast open world but the frames that you would see in Fable, Dragon age, or an older game like Diablo . You can only explore the frame and only where the invisible walls are not.

Both types of games can be good fun, but they should really be reviewed differently as different things are expected. So how does it hold up to games that are similar. It appears the game lacks the character depth of a dragon age or the emoting goofiness of fable but it appears to have better action combat then both and maybe better loot. Should be fun but for me its not a day one buy.

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