The Darkness 2 PS3 video review OPM

It’s Leon and Phil again to talk you through new footage of The Darkness 2 in this PS3 video review. (You can read Phil’s full Darkness 2 PS3 review here). Here we discuss the changes to the sequel, the bloody (but fun) combat and the less than sucessfull boss fight where it all gets a bit Deus Ex.

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chriski3332265d ago

Damn it this sucks I can't really get into this game. I want but don't like the comic book graphics

ElementX2265d ago

Well it is based off a comic book

Pintheshadows2265d ago

Sucks for you then if the fantastic visuals are that much of an issue.

seanpitt232265d ago

to be honest i love the first one but the cartoon graphics just dosnt do it for me i was looking forward to this aswell same with borderlands the style of graphics just seems unplayable to me

LightofDarkness2265d ago

My god, what is it with people hating on stylised visuals? Too much colour doth sear thine eyes and make you imagine too much outside of grey military shooters? Does every bloody game have to look realistic?

The visuals suit the tone and atmosphere of the game. It's a comic book.

Pintheshadows2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Exactly, and if people have such issue with stylistic visuals maybe they have the wrong hobby. I welcome The Darkness 2's art style with open arms as it isn't a bland overly realistic military shooter. I bet people will complain about Bioshock Infinites art direction as well.

@seanpitt "the style of graphics just seems unplayable to me". It's statements like that, that make me want to murder.

seanpitt232265d ago

bioshock looks great this just isnt my style plus being a 5 hour game dosnt help either.