Gotham City Impostors: Cashing in on DLC

The launch of the long awaited Gotham City Impostors has been preceded by the arrival of several downloadable content (DLC) packs for the videogame, designed to encourage players to spend real money to further their progress through the title’s level system. As of now, players can buy XP Boost packs, Premium Card Packs and more before the official launch of the videogame.

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Blaine2350d ago

That's not a surprise. Even in the demo, once you'd spent all your unlock points, it said you could buy some from the store (I don't know if you could yet, but they definitely let you know that would be an option in the full game). To me, it's not a problem. The game is 15$--a very reasonable price point.

I'm not going to spend money to unlock things, I'll just do it playing the game. But people who aren't as skilled and don't level up as fast, or don't have as much time to play, will be able to unlock the same equipment as me by buying it, I have no problem with that. Just means the devs get more money, which is one of the reasons they could release it at 15$ to begin with. Way I see it, it's a win/ win/ win.

Basjohn2350d ago

You shouldn't have to pay $15 for a game that relies on in-game purchases as its financial model. Not even from an ethics view but rather a business one. F2P/P2W only works when you have as many people passing through content as possible (thus more suckers/casuals/etc), which is why the basic client is almost always free in those cases.

Blaine2349d ago

The game doesn't *rely* on in-game purchases at all. Everything is unlockable through playing, and doesn't take prohibitively long either. There's *no* reason for anyone to buy anything beyond the initial purchase price if they don't want to.

mathsman2350d ago

We'll get to see just how badly this messes things up later today. I can see Blaine's point, but the fact that people can just go in and buy their way to the top ranks straight away is really going to piss off some gamers that start from the bottom today.

Blaine2350d ago

I got to level 30 in 3 hours today. I see no reason to complain about people buying XP multipliers when you can level up that fast legitimately. Seriously, I would just laugh at people wasting their money on unlocks.

antz11042348d ago

Maybe but its no different than someone starting MW3 and getting put into a lobby with higher ranking players.

Hopefully the matchmaking patch announced for March will address that if not before.