Gamer's Souls

...After a decade of being spoon fed power ups, regenerating health bars, treasure chests at every turn, maps, and hand holding through story, Demon’s Souls turned that on it’s head. Then gave it a swirly, beat it up, took it’s lunch money, yelled a racial slur, kicked it’s dog, and did a donut on it’s lawn.

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Tanir2207d ago

lol. Game is awesomeness. Need more!!!!!

baboom2232207d ago

Dark Souls sound is just ambient? are these guys nuts? some of the boss fight music was amazing! especially Gwyn's.

Kyosuke_Sanada2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

I agree, even though I miss Shunsuke Kida's work in the first Souls game, Motoi created some very powerful tracks which personified the ferocity and hopelessness of each boss encounter. They really need to give the soundtrack another listen.......