EGM confirms LittleBigPlanet delay?

From the article: "In an article talking about the recent push for games to include level editors and other design options, [the January 2008 issue of] EGM listed LittleBigPlanet with a Fall 2008 release date. This seems to add some weight to a similar timeframe posted on the ThreeSpeech blog we reported earlier."

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the worst3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

so what
just get it right
the ps3 is line is super strong
so it doesn't matter

BrianC62343415d ago

A magazine writes down a release date, we must believe it. They never make mistakes, right. But that is the Blu-ray version most likely anyway. Isn't the game supposed to be online first? Then the final version will include a bunch of user created levels.

Mr Marbles3415d ago

What a pity, and dont give me this crap about it being good so they have time to get it right. No other console has so many games and features delayed, and they get things right, why should PS3 owners have to wait on EVERYTHING! Sony is really making asses of themselves this generation, its like they just started in the gaming industry last year, they are acting like real rookies here. And don't hate on me, because Im talking in defense of you PS3 fans, you are the ones getting the shaft on a monthly basis.

Kaneda3415d ago

If Sony thinks this is the AAA game.. They probably holds it til next shopping season...

lawman11083415d ago

Another bit of bad news from Game Informer......MGS4 wont be out until the end of next year. Lets see what else does not come out on time.

ruibing3415d ago

It's a disappointment, but there are enough upsides in this for me not to complain too much. Besides these days I really prefer better confirmation than that before I pout.

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Lucreto3415d ago

Good as least they are taking their time and make it perfect.

toughNAME3415d ago

This is a hyped only makes sense financial wise to release it in the Fall

Wasn't this game originally scheduled to be released in Fall 07?

Also, a delayed PS3 game? No real surprise there

3415d ago
joemomma3415d ago

The game will relase on schedule and be better then any wii game.

jaja14343415d ago

If it came out now, I would agree. But after Smash Brothers well nothing can beat Smash Brothers. :)

Omicron3415d ago

Maybe they realized how stupid this game is, and looking at the sales of the other PS3 games, they knew that it's going to bomb. I don't blame them.

achira3415d ago

maybe you are a fullidiot?

DJ3415d ago

PS3 titles are selling really well. Hell, Uncharted is almost at the 700K mark right now, and Resistance and Motorstorm did WELL over a million units (before being bundled, no less).

Maybe the EA sales figures threw you off? Just based off of NPD, PS3 owners buy the same amount of games as 360 owners; they just ignore EA titles (and rightly so; the 360 versions are almost always better).

Boink3415d ago

ps3 titles selling well?

what numbers are you looking at? ps3 titles are selling HORRIBLY, with the exception of resistance(although I think that was free in much of europe)

people who bought a ps3 are not buying games, period.

npd, vgchartz, the sim exchange all confirm this.

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