Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS Hero Mode Detailed

Team Ninja Studio and Tecmo Koei Europe have unveiled new details of the upcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS, a PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) launch title. Gamers will have their opportunity to become the ultimate ninja on the new handheld system whether they are already experienced Ninja Gaiden players or entering the world of Ryu Hayabusa for the first time, thanks to the Hero Mode gameplay.

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jthamind2326d ago

automatic guard? so this is what Ninja Gaiden has turned into?

and i thought Ninja Gaiden 3 was dumbed down......

undisputed2326d ago


Oh hell no...-_-

Please don't dumb down Ninja Gaiden...

teedogg802326d ago

You do know that you can also play on normal and hard mode right? Only the "Hero" mode has all of the assists. It's only dumbed down if you want it to be.

jthamind2326d ago

the option shouldn't even be there. if Acolyte mode is too hard for someone, then they need to find a different series to play. Ninja Gaiden should NOT cater to people who aren't good enough. period.

would it turn some people off if the difficulty was too hard? sure. but did Ninja Gaiden Black's difficulty stop it from being one of the greatest action games ever made? no.

PirateThom2326d ago

I'm in two minds about it.

On one hand, games should feel rewarding and if it's playing its self or making it impossible to fail, it loses that appeal.

On the other hand, some people may just want a more relaxing experience, they may enjoy the "Ninja" side of "Ninja Gaiden" but may not be the best gamer in the world but still want to play it.

FinaLXiii2326d ago

i dont care about the mode but man just imagine that ninja gaiden awesomeness on a handheld.

MasterCornholio2326d ago

Hero mode sounds more like rookie mode to me. I was hoping it to be an extra hard difficulty level because it sure sounds like it. Can't wait to try out a demo of this title.