Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review - The Elder Scrolls Antidote [IncGamers]

An excellent first outing in Amalur. Beautifully designed across the board with excellent combat and enough content to keep you coming back for more.

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icxe2170d ago

its like a type of skyrim with the world of warcraft and the gameplay of god of war!!!!! come on how cant that be fun dont understand people bashing the game

Baba19062170d ago

two more days here in switzerland. Cant wait to build my awesome mage killer beast =D.

shammgod2170d ago

i am buying this used just to spite EA

MAJ0R2170d ago

I'll probably just buy it for 10 bucks during a Steam sale

ElementX2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

So you'd rather rob the developer of income, which would help funding a new game, just because you don't like the publisher?

shammgod2169d ago

Yes, that's exactly what I will be doing.

gillri2170d ago

Dark souls is the antidote to Skyrim, in fact its the antidote to all namby pampy games in recent years