Levine keeps BioShock Infinite team 'in the dark' on story

Ken Levine is keeping the narrative to BioShock Infinite under tight control in order to observe his team as they come across its twists and turns - a reaction you can't get "a second time."

He admits there's a "frustration on the team" because he hasn't documented the story for them to digest in one go, but he won't do it because it's "not the way we present stuff to the gamer."

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Biohazard88602330d ago

Bioshock infinite Cant wait fav shooter of the year.

Trenta272330d ago

That is a brilliant idea. Why spoil the developers from a great storyline? Make them experience it just like we will. Way to go, Ken!

brish2330d ago

If the developers don't know the story they won't know what features they need to build to make the game.

-Gespenst-2330d ago

That doesn't strike me as a good idea. The tone of certain parts in the game might rely on future events, i.e. foreshadowing. How are the developers supposed to capture important narrative subleties like that if they don't even know the story? I suppose Ken can say, "no, that's not what I'm looking for", but that must slow down the development process a hell of a lot... Then again the game has been in development for a pretty long time...