Why I forgive the Skyrim lag on PS3

Would you forgive the Skrim lag on PS3?

By forgive I don’t mean totally absolve Bethesda of blame for making a broken game that punishes me the more love I show it. But is it worth putting up with the issues to try to enjoy the game regardless? Yes. Sometimes it’s sad when the framerate drops below 20 or the menu screen freezes on me, but I suffer through it because when Skyrim works there are moments you just can’t get in anything else on PS3.

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Fishy Fingers2326d ago

Shouldnt you forgive your PS3 for Skyrims lag?

Just putting it out there..

MariaHelFutura2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

OR the people who tested the game on the PS3 before it was given the "green light" for retail.

The game just should have been delayed for the PS3. I'm not sure that's the PS3s fault.

LoLZoRz2326d ago

nope, it's developer's fault.

Fishy Fingers2326d ago

Of course it is, isnt it always.

Man In Black2326d ago

The developers are the ones who make the games, so yes, the blame should lie with them. While Sony shouldn't be entirely absolved, what with the stupidly complex architecture, the devs should work to find ways around these issues, rather than just do the bare minimum to get the game ported and call it a day.

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Valkyre2326d ago

Shouldnt you forgive your parents for internet access?

Man In Black2326d ago

I don't really give a shit how good the game is, if it become unplayable at a certain point with no way of getting around it, then it just proves what a crap developer Bethesda is (as if that wasn't already obvious with their previous bug-fests, which still rely on the community to fix problems that they didn't). This had no business being released until the issue was fixed. As it is, they knowingly released a broken game on the console at full-price.

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user39039992326d ago

I think the lag problem is not that bad.
It's probably amped by haters to make it more than it is.

I was able to play through the game with my nord. Sure there was frame rate issues in towns, but not enough to stop me from playing the game.

I'm now on my third character, a dark elf.

Games4ever2326d ago

The problem is. the farther you get in the game, the more it freezes and lags. I'm at level 49 and it is impossible to play. and there is nothing wrong with my PS3..

Games4ever2326d ago

The stupid neither forgive nor forget, the naive both forgive and forget, the wise forgive but never forget.

So that means. I forgive it but I wont forget it.. :)

ranma68992326d ago

its quests i can't complete ,so i can't get my plantium trophey