The Top 7... Most Evil Games

Games Radar writes:

"The most racist, hateful and tasteless titles you wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole: The funny thing about freedom of speech is that everyone's for it until they see something that rubs them the wrong way. Take these Top 7 Most Evil Games for instance. We wish these games didn't exist."

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MK_Red3630d ago

WTF!? These games are not evil. They are sick and not in a good way. Rather disturbing.

ps3FTW3630d ago

The only one i find evil is V-Tech Rampage other then that i only find them disturbing.

solar3630d ago

wow, games about trying to rape ppl. talk about disturbing. i dated a rape victim. they get really messed up. :(

chrno63629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I have actually biko 1 or 2 with a group of friends like 8-9 years ago XD. A female friend walked in and we all freaked out. The game sucks and we were just curious back then.

InMyOpinion3629d ago

Those rape games are probably legal in Japan. That's even more disturbing.