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It is very hard to say something bad about Reckoning as it does many things right that many seasoned RPG’s get wrong. The art style is simply amazing with unique and inspiring draw distance. The graphics do have some pop in every now and then but is to be expected in an open world game like this. However there was some slow down when running for long periods of time (unlimited sprint). The length of the game is extended with the seemingly endless array of things to do from side-quests, story missions to factions and tasks. The combat is top of the line and some of the best in the genre. If players are looking for an engrossing world that will take them away for a long time and not let go than Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning is for you.

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lpfisher2294d ago

I wasn't too impressed with the demo, but I definitely want to try the full game; I've heard so many great things!

Rob9462294d ago

This game is great! Really want to pick it up, but I know I won't have the time I want to invest in it, I still haven't even got into Skyrim!

ShadyDevil2294d ago

Such an amazing game, the combat is so great and fluid. A must buy for any RPG fan.