MediaKick Review: NeverDead

MediaKick: "More and more increasingly, games are having to bring a unique twist, a stand out feature of sorts to set themselves apart from what is becoming a rather crowded marketplace. Gone are the days of a few big hitters each year, with almost all playable games receiving at least some sense of a market share. It’s not uncommon now to see two or three triple-A titles releasing in what is usually considered a quiet period. Thus, it’s more important now than ever for a game to have a clear unique selling point. Perfectly on cue, in walks NeverDead – a third-person action game from Konami. The core gameplay mechanic is enough to entice anyone; you play as an immortal who can survive severed limbs, even decapitation, who can pull himself back together, eliminating the frustration of death paramount in the current crop of titles on the shelves. Foes will try to chop you up, but to no avail as you are immortal."

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