PC games overload; The Darkness II, Kingdoms of Amalur, and Fallout: New Vegas UE are live on Steam

DSOGaming writes: "Man, today is a great day for all North American PC gamers as a lot of titles have been released on Steam in the very same day. PC gaming is dying you say? We think not. A few hours ago, we informed you about Gotham City Impostors hitting Valve’s distribution service but we have three more titles that are also available in North America."

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moredekai2324d ago

Not to mention the Skyrim Creation Kit and Hi-Res texture pack AND Steam Workshop for Skyrim all launching same day as those games. Good day to be a PC gamer. Although I will still use the nexus sites as well, I like the interface better there.

john22324d ago

AND Shank 2. Man, what a day

SaffronCurse2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

And Kinect STAR WARS pre order bundle!!!! Oh Joy

-MD-2324d ago

Buy The Darkness 2, seriously.