Diablo 3 will only support 4-player co-op; no built in voice chat at launch, no higher res. textures

DSOGaming writes: "Blizzard’s Community Manager, Bashiok, has answered some juicy questions some hours ago, so get ready for some new details about the company’s upcoming action RPG."

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BiggCMan2356d ago

That's quite disappointing I must say, I just really the hope the game still plays well and has a good story. I couldn't play the beta so I will have to wait for release.

JsonHenry2356d ago

From the few people I know that are in the beta they all said it is a "decent" game but not a great one. They said that it doesn't feel like a Diablo game but a low budget wannabe clone of a Diablo game.

smax3172355d ago

I was lucky enough to get in the beta I'd say your friends are pretty spot on. Whoever is disagreeing with you hasn't played it yet and is just a Blizzard fanboy.

Daver2356d ago

The more they talk about the game, the less and less it looks interesting anymore.

Im a big fan of diablo, i just hope they dont screw up with it.

With all the features that are not coming for now, and the contents cut, I guess they are ready to launch very soon....

grailly2355d ago

yeah, disappointing and surprising after so much development time, but I don't really mind it.
does anyone even use in-game voice chat on pc anymore? I know I don't.

NeoTribe2356d ago

This will be the first midnight release game I go to.

dredgewalker2356d ago

This smells really fishy to me. I hope to God they're not making a console version that will affect the quality of Diablo 3 because that is what happened with Rage.

reynod2356d ago

I seriously wonder why companies are taking this route. Its not like SC2 sold bad that Blizz has to take this route.

ID butchered Rage due to console limitations and look how the sales turned out. Overall it was a disappointment.

Its fishy but they arent even releasing mod tools. Which again means they probably want to sell DLCs for the game.

I swear ever since the current consoles, the trend of penny pinching has risen to all new levels.

dredgewalker2356d ago

Their reasoning is that they want to expand their market, which is actually a logical choice for any business. This wouldn't be a problem if the console version didn't have an adverse effect on their pc counterparts. Hopefully Blizzard wouldn't let their pc fans down.

Animals_as_Leaders2356d ago


Diablo 2 sold over 12.5 million much more expanded can it get?

If anything I imagine going multiplat will just hurt PC sales, not to mention the harm their DRM will have done.

dredgewalker2356d ago


Any business always wants to outdo their past sales. Since consoles right now have a huge install base, who wouldn't be tempted to tap into that market? I'm not saying I'm agreeing with this type of decision but I'm trying to look at things from their perspective. Look at Id, they seem to be into the console market this gen. Also Blizzard right now is Activision Blizzard so the old Blizzard is gone after the merger.

MizTv2356d ago

well that sounds great/s

Animals_as_Leaders2356d ago

I can't wait to torrent this game.

F you blizzard. They've already put in always on DRM, take away mods, taken away LAN.

It's not like the DRM measures could get worse.

Besides they owe me for SC2. POS reskin with a 15hr campaign ( vs maybe a 50hr campaign for SC1 )

Letros2356d ago

A torrented copy is useless without an account, all NPCs and scripts are hosted online, its basically a 4 player MMO :-/

kamanashi2356d ago

50 hours for the original SC? It was about 18 for me. 20 hours for SC2 on Brutal.

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