RipTen Review: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Here’s the Rundown:

+Combat is enjoyable and diverse
+Behold, a quality plot with fancy dialogue!
+Destiny system is unique and complements the story well
+It’s a hybrid of all the games you probably like

-Conversation scenes are cluttered and awkward
-There’s Something WoWish about this place…
-Your MMO is showing

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Knight_Cid2231d ago

why bring up ff 13-2? A site that didnt even review it?

I will be playing suikoden, grand knight history, devil survivor 2

I will see if I can make some time

xPhearR3dx2231d ago

Maybe they want to, you know, actually complete the game before posting a review. Rather than putting out something half assed to reach the embargo. Also, its not like there's one reviewer per site. Maybe she isn't reviewing it, bought a copy herself and making comparisons. Simple logic.

Knight_Cid2231d ago

or maybe they wanted to troll

xPhearR3dx2231d ago

Oh of course, that must be it!! They started up a website, added years of content and reviews just to troll Final Fantasy.

susanto12282231d ago

These reviews are just public opinions no one cares.

SwampCroc2230d ago

ok.. I'm not seeing the WOW references in this game at all..

if they are saying that because of the cartoony look then I'm calling bullshit...

because granted Blizzard has a hit with WoW.... KoA is drop-dead gorgeous... and the character models and environment aren't even comparable...

People just need to quit bashing the game.. It's bringing the elements of all the games we love together... that's what it's all about.. making the superb game... and they have made a hit with this one..

people too stubborn to see the gem that this game is... many reviews saying there are problems... I haven't seen a fucking thing wrong with the game yet.