Reasons the Xbox 720 needs used games

InEnt writes: We’ve seen a number of Next Xbox, aka 720, rumors over the last few months although none have caused the debate seen with a possibility Microsoft would not support used games in the next generation. This is something that has hit a nerve among gamers and while some people understand the reasons why developers want to earn out of the used game market, others cannot stand the idea.

Today we wanted to highlight a few reasons why the Xbox 720 needs used game support.

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danswayuk2323d ago

So many reasons why the next Xbox needs used games, it would be a crazy move not to support them.

BuffMordecai2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

And blind fanboys would still support xbox if used games no longer worked.

lorianguy2323d ago

and complain when they find their borrowed/pre-owned games don't work because they didn't read the product description.

Relientk772323d ago

Because a lot gamers buy used games, if it's a new release or an old game, still used.

Wikkid6662323d ago

I could care less if it supports used game.

How about making games a more reasonable price from the start???

jessupj2322d ago

You mean you COULDN'T care less. Watch this educational video on the correct term to say.

fady2hotty2323d ago

if it doesn't play used games, im moving on to the ps4 for sure. plus i bet new games on the next gen consoles will be 70$-80$

BuffMordecai2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

That would be horrible if prices went up that much. I could see consumer backlash resulting in publishers selling much less because of rising costs. Even now, it never pays to buy close to release when the price drops $10-20 within months.

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The story is too old to be commented.