A Brief History of First Impressions

Depending on who you ask, first impressions can either be incredibly important or just very important. There really aren’t a lot of people who will tell you a first impression doesn’t matter. For example, once a long time ago I went to send a resume and portfolio to a site I wanted to work for. I copy and pasted the website where my portfolio was located and sent it to the editor post haste. Only after I irrevocably hit send did I realize that the link I included was not to my portfolio, but instead was a link to award winning transsexual porn star Bailey Jay’s website.

Two days later I had the job- and that is the story of how I got hired by RipTen.

So, clearly, first impressions matter in the real world to real people, but do they matter to gamers?

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Nostradavis2178d ago

I laughed so hard I hurt my back when he said that was how he got the job at RipTen. Oh that Gavin.

BlackjackCF2178d ago

Gavin... write more. You're a talented dude.

greeneggsnsam2178d ago

I agree, such a gifted writer!

PaladinXII2178d ago

I need to... um.... "update my portfolio."

Thanks for the laughs!

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