Missing Battlefield 3 fixes during PS3 patch release

InEnt writes: DICE may have resolved a number of issues with their latest PS3 patch release for Battlefield 3 but there are still a few fixes missing, much to the annoyance of the fans. While it’s nice to see they have resolved such issues as VoIP and the USAS-12 shotgun what about some of the others like the PS3 controls?

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danswayuk2358d ago

DICE will get around to the other problems some of us are experiencing, but it still seems Mav riding and map glitches work.

Tapioca Cold2358d ago ShowReplies(4)
TKCMuzzer2358d ago

As far as I can tell they have not fixed the USAS at all. I check the description, it says short range but no I still get nailed from miles away with it. Why on earth it was so wrong in the first place baffles me. You would think with all the detail they go into it would be the one thing they got right.
Oh, if your a MAV rider then your an idiot. Definitely needs sorting, people hiding on the bridge, kills the match through boredom.

Kyosuke_Sanada2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

In my opinion, they should have removed frag rounds all together. The shotgun already has buckshot, slug and flechette rounds which are more than enough to kill a person at various ranges.......

Tru_Blu2358d ago

It was for mics only!! Big patch later this month

Fil1012358d ago

Hate to admit it but i've only played this game twice since the B2K pack was released, for me the game got worse and at present bad company 2 runs smoother this upcoming patch btr do great things.

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