Count on GTA 5 this year

InEnt writes: It’s strange how some blogs can think GTA 5 could have a release date that ties in with next generation consoles, especially the Xbox 720 and PS4 although we’d say you can pretty much count on the next Grand Theft Auto game coming this year and certainly not next-gen.

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danswayuk2330d ago

GTA 5 better come this generation, although the next-gen transition period can be a problem for some games.

theeg2330d ago

GTA V will not come out this year and WILL for sure be a next gen title, gtaiv looked terrible on console, it was 1024x600p, or some really low resolution, ran at 20 frames most of the time and was smothered in jaggies, the xbox 360 and ps3 could not even handle that ugly mess, why on earth would you want the next gta to be on the same 8 year old hardware?

GTA IV is a good game on console despite its flaws, but its a GREAT game is on pc, where you can actually run it over 30 frames and not have jaggies everywhere. Plus those mods....mmmmm, I doubt, even on next gen consoles, gta v will look as good on console as gta iv looks on pc with a few easy mods.

GTA V will be a next gen and pc game! I would not want it any other way.