Call Of Duty Elite: Releases 7 New Screenshots of “Clan Operations”

Check out the screenshots and breakdown for Clan Operations.

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aglot892330d ago

Too little, too late. People will care (because COD does strange things to people), but why did it take them 3 months to fix this?

Also, no PC = loss of many, MANY sales.

Oschino19072330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

"Too little too late"?????? Really??? This isn't BRINKs late ass Clan support (came out 2-3 months after last and only DLC and 6 months after release).... But I guess its too late for the millions of gamers playing COD on console everyday not to mention a whole season of DLC for game which is only just getting started.

Don't know of many games that go this far (on console) with clan support, especially considering it doesn't require a PC and can be done on console let alone many/if any that come with it out of the box day 1.

If you care to list a bunch of games that have done it better and much quicker then MW3 please feel free to and I will take back my comment.

COD has never been a big seller on PC with this gen of consoles around. How much is "MANY sales" considering it practically sells 10:1 or more in favor of either console seperately.

aglot892323d ago

Halo Waypoint and Battlelog.

Both for free and do a great job with in-game statistics.