PS3ThemeCreator v1.6

TrojanBlade has released an update to his PS3ThemeCreator

Update v1.6 includes

1. Fixed problem related to p3tcompiler and p3textractor.
2. No need for images to be in 1 directory.
3. Load .p3t files directly into the app.
4. Organized directory structure so user knows where all content is.
5. Added 'Favorite Themes' for easy access to favorite themes for quick editing.
6. Support for upto 16 backgrounds.
7. Checks for correct image size and format.
8. Theme color now show on main view when selected.
9. Added feature to Show/Remove background by right clicking on a background image.
10. Fixed misc bugs.

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LJWooly3838d ago

Nice. I don't create themes, though. I hope people use this well and make some awesome themes. Get creating, everyone!

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C_SoL3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

its not workin....I click into the link in my desktop, then it says PS3ThemeCreator v1.6 is already running & i can't find it no where. can someone help me, please?


C_SoL3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

double post.....(:)