Leaving It To The Last Minute: PS Vita Ads To Be “Timed For System Launch”, “Be Everywhere”

While everyone who reads this site has likely heard of the PlayStation Vita, the truth of the matter is that the average consumer probably hasn’t heard much about the device, and definitely doesn’t know what is unique about the handheld. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I would understand the lack of ads if stock was limited, but it doesn't seem to be an issue.

doctorstrange2323d ago

They really should be running a few ads now at least. It's an awesome handheld, but not enough people have heard of it.

Bereaver2323d ago

They should start with something at least. It seems Sony's downfall has always been late advertising or not enough. They should learn 1 thing from Microsoft. Shoving advertisements down peoples throats does work.

portal_22323d ago

^^^ Still haven't bought an Xbox...

BulletProofVess2323d ago

i believe they missed out not by not having a Super Bowl ad especially with the system launching with in the month
they could have reached 111 million viewers

smashcrashbash2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

In a business things are never as simple as people try to make it. Its easy to say 'make a Super Bowl Ad so millions can see it' but execution of things like these are more complex then people think.

Companies have hierarchies, schedules, goals, budgets, protocols. People always say 'just do this or that' 'just lower the price' 'just make 50 commercials' 'just give us this for free'. But it is never that simple. Sony is a giant company, not a roadside diner.I am not saying that it wouldn't be a good idea but it may not have been as easy to get as you think.

--Onilink--2323d ago


you have a good point, but also the fact that Sony is such a giant company should mean they have to be ready for these sort of things.

Considering how poor the marketing has been (i havent seen any actually..) and the launch so close, the super bowl probably represented the best possible way to reach as many people as possible from now until the launch

danny8182323d ago

if u notice most big american companies had air time in the superbowl... because its an american sport and they want to sell more american products than anything else

Tru_Ray2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Yes, a portion of those millions of dollars would go to waste. Although the Super Bowl has widespread appeal, the demographic is largely composed of people that have no interest in video games (just think about your parents and other old school football fans).

Their marketing has been more targeted to a youth market. If you have been watching college basketball on ESPN, you may have noticed the "PS Vita Halftime show". College basketball is pretty popular in America among young adult males. Same goes for Taco Bell. When I was a teenager, I ate at Taco Bell at least once every weekend (I am paying for it now).

BTW, no advertising is required for me. I already have the First Edition Bundle pre-ordered for release date delivery!


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stormeagle62323d ago

It seems like a fool marketing strategy to me, but I don't think it'll make a difference in the long run either way.

moparful992323d ago

I wish people would stop trying to micromangage sony.. Sony hasnt surivived 15 years in this super competitive market by making stupid decisions.. Look sony already stated that in the begining they are focusing on their core audience and then later on when they have a fanbase and can lower costs will begin to go after the casual mass market audience... Its not that hard of a concept to understand.. They have no need of over the top advertising right now...

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ftwrthtx2323d ago

Taco bell has the only ad I've seen

rezzah2323d ago

And thats only in america.

canada has nothing so far.

knifefight2323d ago

They need to get the word out ASAP. Multiple people at a game shop I visited over Christmas referred to this thing as "The PSP Vita." -_-

Gish2323d ago

It took me a second to notice what was wrong with them calling it that. But I have one preordered as well, so even us idiots will buy it even if we don't know what to call it. haha

knifefight2323d ago

It's probably more noticeable when you hear it than when you read it, heh ^^;;

danny8182323d ago

this happend with the 3ds, i didnt see no ads till launch weekend came around, the first time i saqw on was on a friday at the berbershop, and 2 days later it launched.

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