Rage of the Day: Game save woes writer Patrick Kulikowski shares his history of being a victim to losing game saves and the frustration that follows it.

Game saves. If you play tons of games you'll find these tufts of data incredibly precious. Hours upon hours of game progress stuck inside a little CR2032 battery (for us 80s and 90s gamers), memory cards, hard drives, etc.

Many of us take this now-simple technology for granted. They made the save passwords of yore obsolete, although you would still see several games utilize passwords for a long time afterward.

With saving game progress comes the inevitable kick in the pants: some sort of phenomenon (be it a glitch, power-outage or that evil little brother) that happens to take your precious hours and erase them from the world forever. The phenomenon then leads into something that can only be regarded as the game save woes. These are his stories.

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Vortex3D2232d ago

And there are still plenty of gamers today that don't backup their game saves until they finally lost some game saves.

To those that do backup game saves regularity, Sony provides copy-protect game saves for publishers to use. And then sell you PS+ Cloud Storage to be able to back them up. It's a contradict logic because if you pay money, they are happy to let you backup.

Emilio_Estevez2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Almost no saves are copy protected, very few are. You can just use a usb drive to save them you know? If you transfer them to another account, they just can't get trophies off them.

NukaColaClassic2231d ago

The unfortunate thing is that the ones that are copy-protected tend to be games that require a lot of time and commitment to play through, like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, etc.

Vortex3D2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Yeah. Many copy protected game saves are very time consuming games like you said.

When I had PS+ Cloud Storage trial, I back up all my copy-protected game saves and 150MB just wasn't enough space. Dragon Age: Origins UE game saves are about 10MB+ each. After backing several DA: O saves and other games saves, Cloud Storage ran out of space.

Even you backup your copy-protected saves to Cloud still isn't very practical if you are playing games like Demon Souls. You backup a save at a good location. Then, you continue playing and screw up. Now you have to wait for 24 hours from when you copied the save to Cloud before it will let you restore.

X360 512MB Cloud Storage is more reasonable space. X360 Cloud also has no restriction how often you can copy your game saves to the Cloud.

I also play on multiple accounts and if I'm willing to pay for Cloud Storage on both consoles, I have to pay for multiple accounts since each Cloud Storage is only good for one account.

Vortex3D2231d ago

All depend what games you are playing and when they were released. A lot of games published by EA and Capcom back in 2009, 2010 and earlier 2011 have copy-protected game saves.

It's getting better now but there are still some new games with copy-protected saves.

Personally, I have more than 20 games that have copy-protected saves.

Yodagamer2232d ago

i miss memory cards :( lol they were so easy to use and share games

Vortex3D2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Actually, that isn't true with X360 original memory card or USB sticks. Many X360 games now have "exists at one location at a time" copy-protection. You are not allowed to copy, only move the game save file. And since it's locked to Gamertag, you can't share the game saves.

But it's easy to get around the copy-protection because you can hack the game saves storage.