IGN - Does Wii U's NFC Matter to You?

IGN - Wii U continues to evolve, even ahead of its scheduled "second debut" at E3 2012 later this year. At its most recent investor conference, Nintendo's global president, Satoru Iwata, revealed the company has added "NFC" technology to Wii U's tablet controller. The communication standard allows for proximity-based interaction between the controller and a nearby device with similar capabilities. Think of key cards that simply need to be near a card reader, or Activision's Skylanders game, and you are thinking in the right direction.

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DA_SHREDDER2209d ago

NFC's? I just wanna hear more about the online capabilities.

wingman32x2208d ago

I've heard various things about this. One thing I like is that you can apparently synch the controller simply by touching the system with it. That would be a great upgrade from their current format for adding controllers.

Felinox2208d ago

Couldnt this also be used to enter online pass codes? This would be far superior to the damn live codes or dlc codes. Just put thed card on the screen.

Noticeably_FAT2208d ago

I don't even know what nfc is! So I'm going to say nope. Give me HD Nintendo games, at a price of $300 and I'll happily give Nintendo my money.

Consoles are worth $300, handheld's...not so much.

koehler832208d ago

I have to say I don't really care about NFC at all, be it in the Wii U or iPhone.

The only NFC i tend to need is my speaking voice.

Smashbro292208d ago

Just make sure the power of the console is up to date and the online isn't a joke.

I know I'll end up using a classic controller 99.9% of the time and a Gamecube controller via some converter when Smash Bros. Comes out.

Lyle912208d ago

Why not just use the Wii U controller? It's basically the same thing. Just ignore the screen.

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