Modern Warfare 3: Drop Zone Could Make a Return

MP1st - The addition of "Infected" gamemode to Modern Warfare 3 knocked off Drop Zone from the community playlist angering fans in the process.

Update: Drop Zone is coming back tonight.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2352d ago

yeah umm, why did they take off Dropzone? Limited Playlist space...? Sounds like a bs excuse.

jdktech20102351d ago

I'm actually dropping this in the mail to trade in at Amazon (puns are fun...and kinda dumb really).

I don't understand why it wasn't kept on there and the playlist excuse is kinda dumb quite frankly.

It was fun for a while but I tried Black Ops again and actually liked it more (hopefully it's not the rehoneymoon phase)

Not a bad game but not a great one....though Drop Zone was a fun fun mode