NowGamer - Catherine (Xbox360)Review

NowGamer - Catherine's tale of lust and love is an unusual one for Xbox 360 gamers, but is its gameplay up to scratch.

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JakemanPS319942356d ago

Man some of these european critics are really bagging on this great game

TheGOODKyle2356d ago

Culture thing I guess? I'm in the America's and this made my 2011 GOTY list. Didn't win but was a great game that everyone should at least try.

die_fiend2356d ago

Your GOTY list? Didn't win? Did you have a private ceremony in your house or something? I thought it was something gaming sites did, not individuals...

TheGOODKyle2356d ago

@die_fiend despite your troll antics many people have an individual GOTY list. However, I have a decently popular Youtube channel and made a video of my GOTY.

Hicken2356d ago

I don't quite get it: the review is overwhelmingly positive, sounding something like a 7.5/10 or so. But the rating seems to be completely different, and doesn't even average out to the 6.3 given, but rather a 6.5. I find myself wondering, as far as the score is concerned, what game they were grading.

Kyosuke_Sanada2356d ago

All about the hits my young friend....