N Control tempts the fates with Craigslist

The e-pocalyptic lash-back saw Ocean Marketing (aka Paul Christoforo) released from the employ of the creator of the Avenger game controller peripheral, which is manufactured by N Control. Now it seems the company is looking to recruit, and where has the Avenger team taken their search for suitable staffers? Craigslist.

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Caligula2326d ago

That's...a dubious decision.

Caligula2326d ago

Then again, they hired Christoforo in the first place.

crazytown992326d ago

Might actually be a step up.

THR1LLHOUSE2326d ago

"Please, no crazy people."

MoisesChiullan2326d ago

VentureBeat's story has been updated. We did not post those ads.

Moisés Chiullan
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer,
N-Control (Avenger Controller)