NowGamer - Catherine (PS3)Review

NowGamer - After reviewing Catherine on import, we take a look at the European version, to see if things have improved.

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Ares84HU2325d ago

Am I missing something or this is a new Catherine game. I thought it came out last year.

Or reviews weren't allowed till now??

TheoreticalParticle2325d ago

It just got released in Europe.

NukaCola2325d ago


They even review their multiplats seperate which makes zero sence. Should just play both and talk about the differences. They 360 and PS3 versions always score differently and the reviews never add up. If a shooter fan reviews an RPG on PS3, it gets a bad score, the same RPG on 360 reviewed by an RPG fan, it scores higher. NowGamer logic and credibility is poor.

D3mons0ul2325d ago

The world was a better place before