Salt Lake City: Video Game Developer Lays Off Workers, Shifts Focus

Salt Lake City video game developer Eat Sleep Play laid off eight employees last week as it finishes its anticipated PlayStation 3 game, “Twisted Metal,” and transitions from producing console titles to mobile games.


David Jaffe responce: "The rumors of me making casual games post TM- as many of you define them- are highly exaggerated."

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Nitrowolf22205d ago

"Meanwhile, the company’s other co-founder, David Jaffe, is expected to leave to also pursue casual games, Campbell said"

ah man this sucks. I had no idea this company was so small to.

Abash2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Go out and buy Twisted Metal and show Eat, Sleep, Play some support! The success of Twisted Metal could lead to more people working there and a stronger studio, these guys are way too good to have to lay off a chunk of their already small staff.

And Im kind of disappointed with Jaffe, he gives us gamers an awesome game like Twisted Metal which imo was much needed and he's already thinking about going to casual games? That really, really sucks :(

Majin-vegeta2205d ago

Oh i'm supporting this game don't want them to move to casual crap.

DirtyLary2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Slightly off topic.

Has the Twisted Metal trophie list appeared?

since the media get the game today.

adorie2205d ago

Hah. I'm hoping this is exaggerated as Jaffe put it.
I'm going to go ahead and buy this game because Twisted Metal for PS1 was some of the best drunk times.

grailly2205d ago

yeah ESP is really small.
This should not come as a surprise, jaffe has always showed interest in smaller mechanics driver games and has nearly no interest in stories in games. Also, he is working remotely with ESP they are in Utah and he is in california (I think), it surely isn't optimal.

KeybladeMaster2205d ago

He co founded the company..... he's not leaving it after two games. He said multiple times that he would not leave the company unless he was kicked out or someone bought them out and he could retire.

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MariaHelFutura2205d ago

F++k mobile and casual games. Iam REALLY starting to hate that industry.

Snookies122205d ago

My hatred for it began long ago... And that is why I neither have a smart phone, nor play the crap-tastic Facebook games! :D

golsilva2205d ago

this is weird. esp has a 3 title deal with sony. twisted metal is the first one of the deal so either sony felt it wasnt worth to continue the relationship or having jaffe leaving forced esp to go the mobile route. still i cant believe esp only had 34 (before the layoffs) employees creating a full fledged ps3 game. in comparison nd has close to 200 employees in 2 teams.

DirtyLary2205d ago

They had help from Sonys Santa Monica studio which is huge.

KeybladeMaster2205d ago

I believe Jaffe said in a blog post that ESP and Sony added an extension to the contract for another game. So that's two more games after Twisted Metal and Calling All Cars.

majiebeast2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

F*ck off with the casual and mobile games, if this is where the industry is heading and we will only be seeing casual trash i wont be a gamer anymore. Casual trash is gonna cause another videogame crash.

Why Jaffe would go this route is beyond me going from big games like twisted and gow to games ala farmville,angry birds or anything a retard could come up with. This in my eyes makes Jaffe and any other dev going from real games to casual trash a sellout.

fluffydelusions2205d ago

There is money in mobile gaming. Jaffe has to pay the bills. No need to call him a sellout.

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