Unit 13 PS Vita – Hands On Gameplay Walkthrough

Unit 13 Associate Producer Ara Demirjian gives the guys over at LazyTechGuys a quick look at the new third person shooter title, Unit 13 for the PS Vita.

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remanutd552205d ago

did he say Unit 13 will be available 2 weeks after vita launch ?

farhad2k82205d ago

I really hope they announce some sort of Multiplayer Competitive patch with in that time. It's the only thing stopping me from buying it I'm afraid. It looks like a really nice game though, and I love my shooter games! Especially Zippers games!

ritsuka6662205d ago

Sigh... its so sad to see Zipper go down this path (nothing against Vita, I'm just talking in general compared to the glory days of SOCOM II)

farhad2k82205d ago

I guess this will make us wait for Socom even more! I really hope they do a PS2 remake of some sort, they had the best Socom titles in my opinion!

Derekvinyard132205d ago

zipper is pissing me off with this. make a socom on vita

Kyosuke_Sanada2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Unfortunately, Zipper already announced that they will never make another Socom game. Now it is replaced with yet another shooter that gives you a gold star for every little action you do like gamers are in kindergarten.

At least they changed the name finally, so Socom fans won't feel like they've been lied to again....

@ momthemeatloaf

You are right, I got their statement mistaken due to me not checking in the Socom boards since I left over a year ago but still it's a damn shame...

XboxInnovation2205d ago

lol they never said that, they said they had no plans to bring back a classic Socom game in HD.

brettyd2205d ago

i wouldn't even care is Zipper never made another SOCOM game, they killed that great franchise with S4. I hope Sony has some one else make the next game and bring the franchise back to its glory days.

gamingisnotacrime2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

I just tried the vita at gamestop
Really dissapointing. I dont think sony did anything wrong, but thevita will not do well since it has limited use besides gaming. Maybe a smartphone like vita will do well sometime in the future. Of course I understand in the present it would be too expensive

josephayal2205d ago

Looks amazing! Is a Gaming PC in ur hands

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