Putting the Razer Blade Through Its Gaming Paces

Kotaku - Razer's sleek and stylish Blade gaming laptop is slowly making its way into the hands of customers ballsy enough to drop $2,800 on an untested product from a company that's never made a gaming laptop before. Did their gamble pay off?

The day my Razer Blade review unit arrived I could not get over the unit's looks. Thin and deadly, with nothing but some vents and the odd stylized squid marring its sleek black exterior, this is one appealingly design machine. Upon hitting the power switch one would be forgiven for expecting it to purr to life like some exotic sports car.

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plato2326d ago

It looks sweet but for the price its a plain rip off.
You can build a Sager laptop for less and it will have a 6990 inside.
Hell even the Asus G74SX is faster than the Razer.