V2G On Smash ‘N’ Survive’s PSN Exclusivity, Upcoming DLC and Sony’s Love of Indian Developers

With the Indian games industry evolving, studios have begun to develop games for current gen consoles. Leading the pack is Version2Games Limited, which is working on one of the first PSN games from an Indian developer, Smash ‘N’ Survive, a fast-paced vehicle combat game, as well as several future projects. To learn more about the game, its upcoming DLC and multiplayer support as well as the future of the Indian games industry, PSLS chatted to Rajat Ojha, President of V2G. - PSLS

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T3mpr1x2353d ago

I think a game like this really needs a demo.

JonnyBigBoss2353d ago

So many dudes in that photo.

LostTokens2352d ago

Could be fun, I'll watch out for a demo or any kind of promo video.

cervantes2402352d ago

I'd like to see the "mind-blowing adventure game" he's talking about. Sounds interesting!

doctorstrange2352d ago

Yeah, definitely. There are so many "mind blowing" games out there, my mind is sure set for trouble

KingofGambling2351d ago

One white guy and a bunch of Indians pretty much like Outsource, but no chicks.